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Chargrilled 1/4 Chicken

antibiotic free chicken rubbed with lemon, thyme & sea salt. served with market green beans, herb roasted potatoes & pan jus.

Italian Meatballs

our classic Italian meatballs made with Century Farm's beef and PaPa Weaver's pork.

nestled in summer tomato red sauce, atop handmade tagliatelle pasta & sprinkled with fresh basil. 

The Bun

a take on our favorite summertime meal. Vietnamese grilled pork with chilled vermicelli rice noodles, market lettuce, crisp veggies, tender herbs, crispy shallots, ground peanuts and sweet chili sauce.

U11 shrimp, brown buttered gnocchi, served in our sun dried tomato cream sauce. topped with fresh herbs.

Creamy Tuscan Shrimp

Curried Cauliflower

market cauliflower, peppers and potatoes simmered with aromatics in our yellow curry sauce. Accompanied by herb couscous and cilantro chutney. 

Menu for Next Week's Delivery


How it works!

We offer online ordering only, with a minimum of $75 - think four delicious meals for the week (excluding taxes and fees)! Every Wednesday, we update our menu with fresh, seasonal ingredients and local favorites, bringing the goodness straight to you. 

Order between Wednesday and Saturday for delivery the following Tuesday. This gives our chefs time to work their magic - sourcing, prepping, and cooking deliciousness straight to your door. 

That's it! No subscription, no stress, just yummy meals to make your week easier. Come back each Wednesday for another round of culinary adventures!

Jack and Britt Sourcing
Food delivery on a bike

Seasonal ingredients make the difference...

At Family Meal we believe in eating seasonally and cooking sustainably. We source what and when we can from local farms, we grow herbs that thrive in our specific growing zone, we invest in and purchase whole foods while utilizing waste to decrease our carbon footprint.



Q: Where do you deliver?

A: We are currently delivering to the following zip codes: 22401, 22407, 22408, 22551, 22553, 23117, 22405, 22406, 22554, 22555 & 22556.

Q: Are there any fees?

A: We charge a 3.5% transaction fee, 10.5% in taxes and a $5 delivery fee to all Stafford & Lake Anna zip codes. These are added to your total at checkout once you meet the $75 minimum.

Q: Do I need to have a subscription?


A: Nope! Place your order weekly, every other week or once a month - whatever suits your needs.

Q: Can I gift meals?

A: Yes - food is our love language too! Just be sure to check that we deliver to whom ever you are gifting meals to. If it's outside of our delivery area you can always enter your home address and drop it off yourself.

Q: Can I choose any time frame for Tuesday drop-off?

A: When selecting a drop-off time you'll be able to select any open time slot BUT it is not guaranteed. Depending on volume we may have to push your delivery time up or back. Not to worry we'll email you and keep your tracking information up to date.


Q: Why do I have to order 4 meals? 

A: You don't! Since our minimum is $75 you can customize your meal plan to suit your specific needs. Prefer to have more sides than entrees? Add-on as many as you want. Just remember the $75 minimum to place an order. 

Q: How long do the meals last?

A: You have 5 days to enjoy your meals. 


Q: Oops! I forgot that I ordered and missed you guys, where's my order?

A: If you aren't home when we deliver no worries, we'll hold onto to it until you're ready to pick it up. Don't forget to check your email, we'll reach out to you if no one is home when we stop by.

Special delivery

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What's Cooking

Our Specialties

Charcoal Chicken

Charcoal Roasted Chicken

you can count our weekly charcoal chicken. they'll be different variations but the technique remains the same - charcoal smoked and slow cooked.

Butter Lettuce Produce

Side Salad

another constant is the option to add a side salad. in our attempt to source locally, this side changes with the season.

Lemon Hummus

Fun Dips

add our scratch-made hummus, seasoned with Chef choice ingredients resulting in unique flavors you can't find in the grocery store. 

Family Meal

As Chefs we never under estimate the value of a meal shared with family. We see the countless possibilities when surveying the fridge, we thrive off the chaos that comes with cooking and are rejuvenated by the ritual of eating together with our loved ones. Here at Family Meal we are bringing back cozy Sundays, stress free weeknights and hearty meals that'll help you reach your goals. Imagine juicy chicken that's perfectly cooked and smothered in jus, fluffy whipped potatoes, bright salads loaded with local veggies all delivered to your door this Spring. We, Chefs Brittany and Jackson Flint, are excited and want to hear from you! Click the button below to tell us your favorite dishes or what you're craving. Stay tuned for details about all the culinary services we plan offering.

Our Chefs.

The story of Family Meal Services starts with a sprinkle of love and a ton of passion. Local husband and wife, Chefs Jackson and Brittany Flint, have been stirring up The Burg's culinary scene for a decade now. They met [both with significant experience to begin with] while working at one of Fredericksburg's best restaurants, fell in love, and continued to climb the ranks of the kitchen brigade together, acquiring decades of combined years of culinary wisdom along the way. From managing bustling kitchens to whipping up unforgettable meals for intimate gatherings, they've honed their skills and defined their unique style: comfort food with a gourmet twist, always sourced with love from local farms and purveyors. Now, Chefs Flint are excited to bring their culinary magic to your very own dinner table with Family Meal Services. So whether you're a familiar face eager to say 'hello' again or a curious newcomer ready for a taste of some of The Burg's finest fare, pull up a chair and get to know us! Follow us on social media and browse our website to discover the delicious adventures that await.

Chef Brittany
Chef Jackson

Quality Ingredients

the foundation of every meal are it's ingredients. we hand pick every one to insure our meals are fresh.

Balanced Meals

our formula is simple: protein, veg, starch and sauce. add-on a salad, bread or dessert for the perfect family meal.

Order On the Go

ordering is straight forward and simple. as a large family we understand how precious your time is.

Doorstep Delivery

it's all in the details. you'll always receive your freshly made meal with a smile.

Tell Us How We Did!

We value your feedback and consider it an essential part of growth. Leave us a testimonial by clicking the link below.

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